Pylon Lookout

Sydney, Australia
Entrance   Located in the east-side southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge this less  than attractive entrance belies the magnificant views after the climb to the top.
1: Entrance
Displays   There are many interesting displays on the landings as you ascend the pylon.  In our keenness to see the view we looked at these on the way down.
2: Displays
Looking East   The magnificent view that greets you as you exit to the outside -  you can then walk all the way around the pylon at your leisure.
3: Looking East
Looking South   Sydney City and Circular Quay (with the ferry wharves) are in the left background with  the Overseas Passenger Terminal for visiting ships in front and The Rocks to its right.
4: Looking South
Looking Southwest   In the distance is the other main bridge in Sydney, the Anzac Bridge. In the foreground are some of Sydney's earliest houses.
5: Looking Southwest
Looking West   The companion southern pylon - this and the northern pylons are not open to the public.
6: Looking West
Looking North   And there it is - the Harbour Bridge itself!! It was opened in March, 1932 after  almost 8 years of construction. It is 49m wide and the arch stretches 503m.
7: Looking North
Bridge Climb   One of the most popular activities in Sydney is the Bridge Climb - millions  have done it since it opened in 1998. You cannot take cameras so I haven't!
8: Bridge Climb
Old and New   I was lucky to see a sailing ship go by - unfortunately not under sail.
9: Old and New
Old Timer   Among the modern craft on Sydney Harbour there are some older-style  sailing ships out and about - it's a nice reminder of the times past.
10: Old Timer
Into The Sun   Wonderful light lines form in the water thanks to the boat wakes.
11: Into The Sun
Taxi!   If you can't wait for a regular ferry there are plenty of water taxis offering quick trips.
12: Taxi!
Jet Boat   And for thrillseekers jet boats take you everywhere and nowhere in particular!
13: Jet Boat
Zig Zag   Leaving a mark - and a trail on non-destruction.
14: Zig Zag
Two Landmarks   White chimneys on the headland belong to Kirribilli House - the Prime Minister's Sydney residence. In the bushy area beyond the second headland is Taronga Zoo.
15: Two Landmarks
All Sorts   Large and small, whether for work or pleasure, all can share beautiful Sydney Harbour.
16: All Sorts
Parent and Child?   This reminded me of a young elephant we saw following it's mother in Etosha, Namibia!
17: Parent and Child?
A Perfect View   It was certainly the perfect day in Sydney for my first ever visit to the Pylon Lookout. I waited far too long!
18: A Perfect View
Elegance   A final view before we descended - tourist boat, Opera House and, in the trees Government House, the official residence of the Governor of New South Wales.
19: Elegance
Back To Reality!   It was a bit of a shock descending to this after such beauty. It seems that the  Pylon Lookout is almost a forgotten attraction in Sydney - I don't know why!
20: Back To Reality!