The Apostles

Victoria, Australia
Location Map   The yellow arrows show the route of our helicopter flight.
1: Location Map
A Correction   The 'Twelve Apostles' is no longer correct - four have collapsed  including one since these photos were taken.
2: A Correction
Gibson Beach   Our first view of this magnificent coastline before arriving at the Apostles Lookout.
3: Gibson Beach
First Sighting   Shrouded in a late afternoon mist we were a little disappointed  but at least we had another full day to revisit.
4: First Sighting
The Apostles   The leftmost stack seen here collapsed on 3 July, 2005.
5: The Apostles
Ocean Dusk   The sun at dusk always produces a magic atmosphere.
6: Ocean Dusk
Setting Sun   A setting sun is great to see and photograph no matter where you come across it.
7: Setting Sun
Disappearing Act   As the sun disappeared so did the apostles as mist progressively engulfed them.
8: Disappearing Act
Dawn Joy   We arrived very early the next morning - and were not disappointed.
9: Dawn Joy
Revelation   As the sun rose more and more of the beauty is revealed.
10: Revelation
Late Riser   The sun revealed this stack after the others - it seemed close enough to touch!
11: Late Riser
Rock Hut   Not quite sure about the origin of this - a home away from home for someone!
12: Rock Hut
The Other Way   The view along the coast looking away from the main group of apostles,
13: The Other Way
Two Little Pigs   Originally called the 'Sow & Piglets', they became the 'Twelve Apostles' in the 1950s.   The 'sow' was the much larger Muttonbird Island, further west.
14: Two Little Pigs
A Favourite   One of those captured moments you enjoy forever.
15: A Favourite
Making Waves   The Great Southern Ocean stretches to Antarctica -  a long uninterrupted stretch for the waves to form.
16: Making Waves
Twins   The amazing thing about the waves were their long plumes of sunlit spray.
17: Twins
Surfers' Delight?   I'm surprised we didn't see hardened surfers braving the Great Southern for these beauties :-)
18: Surfers' Delight?
Transitory Perfection   Although existing only for moments you have to admire the beauty that Nature creates.
19: Transitory Perfection
Sun's Up   The main group of apostles are almost all sun-drenched.
20: Sun's Up
Up The Down Stairs   Up the stairs again, this time for breakfast - but we did return!
21: Up The Down Stairs
Cliffs   A walk along one of many  tracks provides impressive views of the many cliffs.
22: Cliffs
A Keen Fisherman   I took this photo for the breaking wave - how high did it reach?  Then I noticed a lone fisherman atop the cliff - can you see?
23: A Keen Fisherman
Wave Power   Seeing this wave breaking along side you gives a real sense of their power.
24: Wave Power
Chopper Ride   We just HAD to get a view of the Apostles and other formations from the air.
25: Chopper Ride
Afternoon Glare   The initial glare from the ocean as we took off was a mixed blessing.  It was difficult to see detail but the coastal shapes were impressive.
26: Afternoon Glare
Muttonbird Island   Centre-top: the 'sow' of the original name for these formations - the 'Sow and Piglets'.  Many thousands of muttonbirds nest here from October until April.
27: Muttonbird Island
Island Archway   One of the most impressive features along the Great Ocean Road.
28: Island Archway
Loch Ard Gorge   Foreground: the gorge is named after a ship which ran aground nearby in 1878.  Only 2 of 51 on board survived. Stairs from the carpark access the beach.
29: Loch Ard Gorge
Pilot's View   Who would ever get tired of flying over this coast everyday?
30: Pilot's View
London Arch   Formerly called 'London Bridge' because the outcrop was joined to the mainland.  Inset: my photo before the collapse (1990) - a car was stranded on the 'new' island.
31: London Arch
Homeward Bound   Circling around London Arch to begin our return leg of the flight.
32: Homeward Bound
Stairway To The Fish   Someone was keen!
33: Stairway To The Fish
Port Campbell   The closest town to the Apostles - and a great place to stay.
34: Port Campbell
Frontdoor View   Looking into the entrance of one of the many gorges along the coast.  Flying is not just about getting from point A to point B!
35: Frontdoor View
A Grand View   Muttonbird Island, Loch Ard Gorge and the Island Arch - amongst others!
36: A Grand View
Main Apostle Group   Back to the Apostle group near the main viewing area, visitor centre and helipad.
37: Main Apostle Group
Sudden Change   Within seconds we go from a vibrantly coloured vista to an high contrast panorama.
38: Sudden Change
Silhouettes   As we land the now familiar shapes appear.
39: Silhouettes
Final View   Mistless - what a difference a day makes!
40: Final View