Two Queens

Sydney, Australia
First Joint Visit   QM2 arrived about 6.30am and departed around midnight on 20 Feb 2007. QE2 arrived about 7pm and departed the next day.
1: First Joint Visit
Dawn Chopper   It was an early start with a magnificant sunrise and lots of air traffic.
2: Dawn Chopper
First Glimpse   My first view of QM2 - it had turned 180 degrees to nose into Garden Island dock. Looked great with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
3: First Glimpse
QM2 Welcome   Huge and impressive... but not the most beautiful ship I've seen   (at least from the outside).
4: QM2 Welcome
Early Risers   There was much interest in both directions.
5: Early Risers
Shower Time   There were wonderful photos for the taking in all directions.
6: Shower Time
QM2 Docked   QM2 docked at the Navy's Garden Island because it was too large for Circular Quay  and could not fit under the Harbour Bridge to use other docks.
7: QM2 Docked
The Queen Bum!   Who cares that it's oversized!
8: The Queen Bum!
Welcome!   An enthusiastic Aussie welcome!
9: Welcome!
Imposter 1   There were 4 passenger ships visiting Sydney that day...
10: Imposter 1
Imposter 2   ...and this was the most elegant one I saw - at least on the outside.
11: Imposter 2
Paddler   David paddles to meet Goliath.
12: Paddler
Steam Boat   An old boiler passing Fort Denison (Pinchgut) which dates back to 1841.  The island was originally a prison after which the fort was built.
13: Steam Boat
QM2 Midships   There was a continuous flow of spectator craft...
14: QM2 Midships
Spectator 1   ...the modern...
15: Spectator 1
Spectator 2   ...the ancient...
16: Spectator 2
Spectator3   ...the small...
17: Spectator3
Spectator 4   ...the elegant...
18: Spectator 4
Spectator 5   ...and others - they were all insignificant by comparison.
19: Spectator 5
Police Boat   Security was out in force...
20: Police Boat
The Media   ...and so were the media (Grant Denyer from Channel 7).
21: The Media
QM2 Closeup   By late morning most passengers had disembarked to tour the sights  of Sydney and its surrounds such as the Blue Mountains.
22: QM2 Closeup
Afternoon View   Later in the day all is apparently calm - except on Sydney streets...
23: Afternoon View
The Pointy End tens of thousands come to see QM2 and await the arrival of QE2.
24: The Pointy End
QM2   There was unbelievable traffic chaos in Sydney that afternoon!  But it was worth it with royalty like this to see.
25: QM2
Choppers Galore   There was a real buzz in the air as spectators and craft await the 7pm QE2 arrival.
26: Choppers Galore
Waiting for QE2   There was standing room only at the Opera House, Circular Quay and the Botanic Gardens.
27: Waiting for QE2
QE2 Approaching   Finally the 'little' sister arrives...
28: QE2 Approaching
QE2 Arrives   ...and is no less impressive than QM2.
29: QE2 Arrives
QE2 Closeup   It's a top day for the Cunard line as QE2 passes QM2 docked at Garden Island.
30: QE2 Closeup
New Arrivals   And what a perfect way to arrive in beautiful Sydney on such a perfect day.
31: New Arrivals
QE2 Docking   Reversing into to the International Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay.
32: QE2 Docking
QE2 and the Bridge   This gives a good size comparison next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
33: QE2 and the Bridge
QE2 Docked   QE2 at Circular Quay the next morning. QM2 departed late the previous night.
34: QE2 Docked
QE2 Funnel   I was able to get a closer view of QE2 from the passenger terminal.
35: QE2 Funnel
QE2 Bridge   Hello sailors!
36: QE2 Bridge
QE2 Bow   The pointy end with the Opera House in the background.
37: QE2 Bow
QE2 Cat   I've heard there is always a ship's cat!!
38: QE2 Cat
Cunard and Sydney   A great look against the Sydney skyline...
39: Cunard and Sydney
Final View   ...and from afar - a great way to remember it!
40: Final View