Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe, Africa
Location Map   We stopped over in Victoria Falls for 3 days after our trip to Namibia.
1: Location Map
Victoria Falls Map   Victoria Falls is on the Zambezi River, the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. We stayed on the Zimbabwe side of the falls.
2: Victoria Falls Map
Livingstone Statue   Scottish explorer David Livingstone was the first European to see the falls in 1855.
3: Livingstone Statue
First View   The falls were known by natives as the 'Smoke that Thunders' because the spray can rise  hundreds of feet into the air, resembling smoke (from a distance).
4: First View
Devil's Cataract   Not quite a waterfall yet, the 'rapids' here are fast, furious and steep.  A calm Zambezi River is in the distance with Neil in the foregound.
5: Devil's Cataract
Main Falls   This is only part of the Main Falls - and the yellow colour was real.  The overall width of Victoria Falls is 1708m with a drop of 90 - 107m.
6: Main Falls
Uppour   Across from the Main Falls, the rain is literally going up rather than down.   This was a very strange - and wet! - experience.
7: Uppour
Essential Gear   A poncho is essential although it doesn't really help to keep you dry.  Humidity was 100% and the temperature was high - very uncomfortable!
8: Essential Gear
What Falls?   At this point the spray was so dense the falls were lost to view.  The 'thunder' was so loud it was difficult to have a conversation.
9: What Falls?
Rainbow Falls   View of Rainbow Falls from about the half way point across the falls.
10: Rainbow Falls
Looking Back   The view behind us as we approached Danger Point. The bald wet rocks  and dodgy 'fences' (if present) didn't do much alleviate my height anxiety.
11: Looking Back
Danger Point   Danger Point looks over the Boiling Pot where sub-falls waters join to go into Batoka Gorge. In the background is Eastern Cataract (Zambia).
12: Danger Point
Bravery   There are much braver people on this earth than myself.  I did envy them being able to view the churning waters below. Damn!
13: Bravery
Bird's Eye View   A great way to view - a tethered balloon if you look closely. It's operation depends on the amount of spray which can rise to 500m.
14: Bird's Eye View
River Cruise   We stayed in the Kingdom Hotel and took a sunset cruise from River Lodge.  It threatened rain all afternoon so we were expecting disappointment.
15: River Cruise
Hippo 1   We saw hippos - the last of the great African animals we wanted  to see - Etosha, in Namibia, had been too dry for them.
16: Hippo 1
Hippo 2   Thank goodness I had a long lens (the only 10x digital in 2001).  Even though far away you could tell they were big animals!
17: Hippo 2
Relaxation   After the dryness of Namibia this was wonderful -  calm river, drinks and good company. Who cared if it rained!
18: Relaxation
Sun TIme   The most amazing range of skies then appeared providing the opportunity  to capture some magic moments - surely what photography is about.
19: Sun TIme
Water Mosaic 1   I think Physics provides an explanation for this - but who cares!
20: Water Mosaic 1
Water Mosaic 2   Ditto.
21: Water Mosaic 2
Golden Horseshoe   One of the most amazing cloud formations I have seen.
22: Golden Horseshoe
Final Glimmers   Dusk light is reflected beautifully on the peaceful Zambezi River.
23: Final Glimmers
Flight Time   The next morning I took a flight over the falls. I managed to snag the seat next to the pilot for the perfect view.
24: Flight Time
Smoke That Thunders   As we ascended, spray from the falls was like distant smoke. The tethered balloon is to the right.
25: Smoke That Thunders
Toward Zambia   Rainbow Falls is in the centre and the Eastern Cataract to the right. The bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia is to the lower right.
26: Toward Zambia
Hovering   The scene at my feet - my fear of heights was only overcome by my  desire to capture the moment on film, card and video (a little tricky!).
27: Hovering
Dry Season   And this was the dry season. Imagine the flow in the flood season between February and May!
28: Dry Season
Rainbow Below   There was a rainbow as we were looking down at the Main Falls.
29: Rainbow Below
Slit In The Earth   Devil's Cataract to the left and the Main Falls to the right.  The outstanding memory of the falls is walking 'opposite' them.
30: Slit In The Earth
Main Falls   Cataract Island is to the top left, Main Falls in the centre. Livingstone's Island is to the lower right.
31: Main Falls
Panorama   You can picnic on Livingstone's Island, swim in its Devil's Pool and hang  over the edge to photograph the 103m drop. (Check Google for videos.)
32: Panorama
The mighty Zambezi   I lifted my eyes to see this magnificent view of the Zambezi River   where we had cruised the previous afternoon.
33: The mighty Zambezi
Batoka Gorge   The outflow travels through many miles of sharply zig-zagging gorge. Victoria Falls township is seen at the top.
34: Batoka Gorge
Kingdom Hotel   The newest hotel (at the time) and closest to the falls. The Kingdom was mammoth in size and extravagant in design.
35: Kingdom Hotel
Victoria Falls Hotel   The original hotel in Victoria Falls for the English gentry. It was very expensive, and of course it had the best outlook.
36: Victoria Falls Hotel
Tea For 4   We enjoyed the morning tea and the view.
37: Tea For 4
Hotel View   The view of the spray from the Victoria Falls Hotel. In Australia we would have ascribed the distant 'smoke' to a bushfire.
38: Hotel View
The Bridge   The bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia. You can bungee jump from it.  At one time it had been the highest such jump in the world.
39: The Bridge
Final View   You can see the bungee rope and at one stage we saw rafters beneath.  In short - Victoria Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world!
40: Final View